Why Your Online Bookie Business Needs Pay Per Head

If you are a bookie, chances are that you may have come across Pay Per Head software. If you have heard of it and not had the chance to get around to reviewing what it can do for your sportsbook business?

This article will cover what you need to know to select the best Price Per Head provider and what their software solution can do to grow your business into the information age.

What is Price Per Head software?

Why Your Online Bookie Business Needs Pay Per Head

Pay Per Head software is an online platform that allows you to fully manage your online sportsbook, giving you a screenshot of your bookmaking business and allowing you to track your player’s action right down to the penny, in real time.

Gone are the days of you manually managing the book yourself, the platform gives you accurate, timeous information about every part of your sportsbook.

Pay Per Head software allows you to leverage your business with the power of technology, automating data collection of your players, their betting habits and track all of the payouts and profits. Simply put, the software does the job of an entire bookies staff with an automated solution that gives you on-demand access to the data.

From accepting bets, providing the latest lines and managing payouts, Pay Per Head software automates your business, freeing up your time and allows you to focus your attention on other pressing matters.

It’s all about the data

Price Per Head software systems is all about the data. Collecting and managing data gives you insights into the behavior of your players by giving you real-time and historical reports of how they placed their action and the outcomes of the bets. The system allows for unlimited players and with these players comes a lot more data.

Keeping your client’s sensitive data and your business data 100% secure is a top priority in the online sportsbook bookmaking industry. Your data is everything and experiencing a hack or a breach in your security can be devastating for your business and your reputation.

Price Per Head software ensures that your data is protected with 128-bit encryption and can never be hijacked by shady online hackers or criminals.

What You Need from a Good PPH Software Solution

A great PPV system should be able to give you a quick snapshot of your business as well as track all of your clients and their bets. It should have the capability to accept bets on a variety of lines and sports to keep your players active and betting as often as possible.

Stay connected to your business at any time with Pay Per Price software that works on your mobile device of choice. We understand that you need a mobile solution to enable you to manage all of your affairs on the move and the 7PPH software coupled with the power of mobile technology puts you at the cutting edge of sportsbook management.

Why use 7PPH?

7 Pay Per Head offers a software solution that can take the operating profitability and management of your online sportsbook business to the next level. Why stay as a local bookie when you can harness the power of the internet to start your global empire where you can take action from anywhere in the globe?

With 7PPH you have the ability to enhance your online sports betting business with a powerful software solution that takes as much action as your players can throw at it, with fast data transfer allowing for current lines and effective and efficient payments, even in digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

7PPH offers a client fee to our bookies of $5 per head flat fee, below the industry level of $10, and 7PPH only charges the bookie when the player actually places his bet with you. We aim to be the leading industry provider of Price Per Head software and the preferred choice for Bookies all around the globe.

The Final Word

Changing the way you do business can seem like a chore that seems insurmountable. But what if there was a way to set up your bookie business online with minimum hassle and effective support that get you up and running and taking the action.

With the 7PPH team and our software platform, we will help you push into the information age and capitalize on the power of modern technology to propel your profitability and customer service to new heights.

Change the way you do business, join the online bookie revolution with 7 PPH and Price Per Head software solutions.

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